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Starting Out

Every writer assumes he has something special to say to the world. He tries to make it engaging or dramatic or funny.

The most important thing he wishes is to give you something to consider that you might not have otherwise thought about. It may just be a new slant on a subject which seems threadbare.

I will try to put something here to peak your interest.

A start:

I Write

I write what I will

Scratching with digital quill

Sometimes it's just a drill

But. you think you know me.

Rorschach spots on paper

Humorous, serious, dapper

You try to decipher my caper

But it's not my soul you see.

With water colors I paint

Faded images of sinner and saint.

Stories of glory and taint.

Only contemplative revere.

I rotate the things we all observe

Dissecting muscle and nerve

Seeing where I can throw a curve.

Hmm...Maybe you do know me.

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