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Life in Phoenix

It is closing in on a year since I decided to move and it has been eventful. Unfortunately much of the eventfulness involved the move and little was given to poetic endevors. I have finished a couple projects, but don't have them quite in shape to publish yet. I did carve out time to get this page up and running to some extent.

I had the priveledge of living through the hottest summer in recorded history. I got reaquainted with lizards and tropical plants, more specificaly desert plants. I've finally gotten almost into a routine again. Hope to be able to put out some new material in the coming year.

I joined a writing group and have been attending meetings twice a week. I also am taking recorder lessons every other week. I take my dog to the off leash area as often as possible. Aiming to do this daily, but not working out quite yet.

So as you might say, "I've got my shoes under the bed." Looking forward to a fun and productive new year. Best of the season to everyone out there in digital land.


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