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New Year Thoughts

Welcome to the beginning of 2016. We have just left an old year behind us. The television reminds us of the accomplishments and foibles of the year just ending. I take a different approach.

We have been granted a series of seasons, a dozen months, a long string of days. A lustrous, promising full year. We should briefly remember the events of last year and chose carefully the memories to keep so we have a positive base to build on.

When this is complete it is time to forge forward. Decide what the year should be and take action to make it that way. May your new year be all you wish for.

And not to let you down here is the snark you have come to expect:

My Resolution

Hail New Year Day,

hail resolution,

by month end

they'll reach dissolution.

But don't cry,

steel your constitution,

don't add moisture

and confusion.

Let's form a pact,

act in collusion,

be stagnant,

obtainable resolution.

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