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Finally, back again

Apologies for my lateness. Still trying to get into the swing.

Going to start training with my new pup this evening. He is now as big as my other poodle and still has quite a bit of growing to do. He is 5 months now. Just remembering the trials with Juliette, my other poodle.

Juliette was hyperactive and never did really get the idea of training. Life was just too interesting for her to stay focused---except on the distractions. She has remained a loving but doofus dog that everybody is taken with.

I feel Linus will do much better. He is highly socialized and is very egar to please. I'm hoping he can be trained to be a therapy dog. I'm sure he would enjoy it very much.

I have been busy following the election proceedings. I won't comment on my leanings, but I will admit that I am amazed at the circus unfolding.

I love Phoenix and have joined a writing group here. I manage to keep quite busy with writing and editing. Wish the best to everyone and hope to post more often and with more interesting subjects.

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