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Ode To The Coming Of Summer

The summer is approaching. So here is an ode to Phoenix Summer.

Welcome to Summer

D. Ellsworth Hoag

Summer is coming to Phoenix, a taxing time of the year

when we pay for the mild weather of the winter here.

We'll hurry on our way to home, car or store

anticipating the a.c just beyond the door.

Anything not watered dries to tinder

warranty rescinded, return to sender.

Weeds die back to dormant root in earth

awaiting next rain to spring forth in rebirth.

Sun a bright lemon in burnt blue skies;

sunglasses worn to keep glare from the eyes.

Winds seem to spring from an oven door;

dust devils dance across earth's sandy floor.

Unheated pools warm to a tepid bath

helping to fend off mother nature's wrath.

Early morn and late eve are outdoor time

when temps are bearable if not quite sublime.

Welcome to desert summer, heat without respite

hot as hell in daytime and a bit less in the night.

Even the moon is brighter as if reflecting heat

take a little nighttime walk then quietly retreat.

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