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  • D. Ellsworth

Occasional Observations

I write quite a bit of light trivia. It is easy and calls for little introspection. But as the title says I occasionally have more astute observations to write about. So here is a thought to consider. I hope it gives you pause.

Standing Alone

I think I got the message

you've been hollering at me.

You don't want to live in my shadow

nor shelter in my lee.

You want to spread your wings

in the illusion of being free.

You long to be out in the sun

for everyone to see.

I whisper to you an answer

as simple as can be,

"Freedom is much like

the capital letter C.

Open to exploring

but guarded on the back—

where plans can be made

without fear of sneak attack."

An interlocking jigsaw puzzle

all people are

although they try to hold off

and ignore it from afar.

Every idea is anchored

to others, Toots,

remember run it up the flag pole

see who salutes.

All the feeling of success

really has its roots

in the people you can get

to give two hoots.

Even in your big boy pants

and fancy stomping boots

you stand upon the shoulders

of wise men and brutes.

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