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  • D. Ellsworth

At Long Last

It would seem that I have been having writer's block. The truth is my put it off has been working overtime. I know I should do this more often and promise myself only to find that I have missed again. Here finally is a couple new poems. Enjoy.

Scary Succinct

My mental pith helmet

is as pithy as can be

it helps me describe

all the things that I see.

But sometimes I

find things that shouldn't be

then that little helmet

scares the pith out of me.

Terra Firma

The terra is a terror

for the firma isn't theror

the sink holes and shaking

yields heart tach and quaking.

We pump fluid under pressure

into every crack and fissure

it moves things with such mettle

Ma Nature must resettle.

She shakes greatly in her quest

so we ride a moving crest;

we say, "Be quiet por favor."

then poke her awake once more.

We mine and interrupt support;

she makes big holes to retort.

Belief in science we suspend,

it thwarts our pecuniary end.

I have no moral to this tale;

we'll scrape, dig, and probe 'til we reach Hell.

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