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  • D. Ellsworth

Philosophic Ponderings

Today I am feeling a bit less snarky. I apologize if you wanted snark. Maybe next time. Now I will let poetry speak my part. My poems for today.

Concerning Observation

Life's a shattered fun house mirror

Reflecting azure and gold

The golden haze of halcyon days

The blues which slow unfold.

But the reflections are only partial

For that's all a shard can do

And the image is distorted

So we can't tell real from true.

For real is actual fact

While true is what we believe

And we only see the things

Our imagination can conceive.

It's the human condition

Though we parse, sort, classify

In the end it is all confounded

By biased, cataract eye.

Spin Your Life

If we look into the corners

and the crevices of our mind

the pattern and color

of our mandala we will find.

It is contained within

the synapses of our brain

and it spins within our cranium

while life force does remain.

Fate is but the thoughts

that you allow to reside—

each person writes his destiny

in ideas he lets abide.

If you wish to be a victim,

then it surely will be so,

and you will be defeated

by the dragon teeth you sow.

But if you face the world confident

with a steady stride

then although you not be famous

your contribution will abide.

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