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  • D. Ellsworth

Priming The Pump

Several years ago my writing bug was spurred by a meetup group called Writer's Kickstart which meets in Snohomish, WA. They handed out prompts to write from and managed to get my creative juices flowing. I will share the first prompts responses I wrote. Kudos to the group and its leaders for motivating.

Here are the prompts:

A Touching Color

A Writer's Itch

Pegs, Holes and Hammers

Here are the poems:

A Touching Color

Blue is a cooling color

Which should be very nice.

But when it touches the soul

It's like fingers of ice.

Red is a warming color,

A rose in full blush,

But when it touches the soul

It's an angry, fiery rush.

Yellow is warm and glowing,

A visual wealth of cheer,

But when it touches the soul

It's cowardice and fear.

Purple is quite regal,

An ermine edged cloak,

But in prose it is the straw

Which camel's back broke.

Green is a soothing color

Quiet, serene,

But when it touches the soul

Envy's eye is seen.

Orange is rather warm

But also quite serene,

But touches the soul

With the terror of Halloween.

So when I think of color

Tis a feast for the eye

But a touching color

I sooner would deny.

A Writer's Itch

There is no worse malady,

No more annoying bitch

Than to have words elude you

When you have a writer's itch.

For the nasty discomfort

That swells in the mind

Must in proper verbiage

It's sole relief find.

For in the cerebral cortex

Is a devil with a feather

Causing you to doubt,

Do I use rather or whither?

So if you get this itch

Have a dictionary near

Lest you go bald scratching

That spot behind your ear.

Pegs, Holes and Hammers

People don't always do

What you wish they would

They won't fit the pattern

And aggravate you good.

They won't meet your need

In moral, manner, grammar.

No matter what your arguments

Or how big is your hammer.

Kid's Game

Kaleidoscopic color touched me

A shattered rainbow on my skin.

A writer's itch pervaded me

But where would I begin.

I cannot make the words fit

They jerk and stop and stammer

It's like playing the kid game

Peg and hole and hammer.

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