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  • D. Ellsworth

Just Some Light and Pretty

I was deciding what I might put on the page this time. Then following my immediate feelings I choose to say something about the simple pleasures and mild annoyances of daily life. Enjoy.

Day Planner

It crossed my mind

on Monday,

but it quickly

went away.

On Tuesday

it occurred to me,

for a short while

did stay.

On Wednesday I thought on it,

but didn't take action;

it seemed the concept

just couldn't get traction.

On Thursday I pondered

just what might be,

but its consequences

were impossible to see.

On Friday I considered it,

thought yes it would be fun,

but I'll put it off 'til Monday

for this week is now done.

I suppose on Monday

it will come up as before,

I think of Poe's raven,

Yep! Nevermore.

Beach Morn

The day is slowly warming,

there is an offshore breeze,

the dogs are running freely,

and the wind plays with my knees.

The sand is warm and soft

as it flows between my toes

and the biting smell of low tide

invades the nares of my nose.

The gulls wheel above me

mewing as they fly

and diving in the waves

as fish go swimming by.

Rock cliffs are decked with kelp

glistening, still wet

and the busy crowds of summer

are not with us yet.

Pungent black coffee

is in my travel mug

so I toast my calm surroundings

with a hearty slug.

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