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  • D. Ellsworth

Considering The Next Holiday

I sometimes take the easy way out and pick subjects at random for this blog. This time I decided to be a bit more focused. I have a poem directly related to Thanksgiving. On looking about some I found a poem that reflects something I am very thankful for. The poem is Sometimes Beauty Is Enough. It reminds me that in writing as in nature sometimes beauty is the point. I am thankful that there are beautiful words to paint nice pictures. Please enjoy and feel free to comment.


When we sit before

our holiday feast

of vegetables, sweets,

and roasted beast.

Let us be thankful for

all the things we got

and a special thanks

for some we do not.

There are a lot of bad

things to be had,

so be both

thankful and glad.

Sometimes Beauty Is Enough

The moon throws dappled light

upon the gentle stream

which sussurates a melody

redolent of a dream.

The moonbeams sew sequins

on creek's flowing gown

so soft luminescence

bounces all aroun'.

And sparkling ripples

dance in uneven ranks

as simple and playful

as a jester's pranks.

Soft, warm breezes

play gently in the trees

as the water laps

upon the cypress knees.

The grass is full of glitter

from the evening dews

which coalesce in rivulets

on the toes of shoes.

Here in silent wonder

watch a glorious ballet

of water dancing merrily

while Spanish mosses sway.

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