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  • D. Ellsworth

Wandering In The Mind

Sometimes I just wander in thought and come out with mixed bags. Here are two poems that stand by themselves and are related only in that they are poetry. Expeditions do not need excuses--I do them because they amuse me.

Primal Response

A penumbra on the moon,

first hint of waning.

Definition blurred on one edge,

night's light slowly draining..

Diana starts her menstruation,

the oceans note her flow.

Tides change to fit her condition

as crickets sing largo.

Slowly she is devoured

by the dragon of the sky

until fully ingested

as the days go by.

E'en modern man watching

feels a pang of grief

which defies science,

is nurtured by primal belief.

We fear she left us,

that finally she did die,

in unbidden anguish

we raise a mournful cry.

Magical thinking continues

as celestial rebirth comes

and our souls hear the beating

of the jungle drums.


All that I write

should be sensitive or wise

but the message

oft hides in snarky guise.

It's a little trick

that I did devise

to make it more palatable

to the mind and eyes.

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