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  • D. Ellsworth

Looking To The New Year

Approaching the New Year is a time for introspection and reviewing the past. It is also a time to plan the future. I nod to the past with two poems about deja vu. That somewhat eerie subject seemed designed for poems. I wrote two poems at different times and with differing pattern. It demonstrates that the same subject somehow seems slightly different when couched in different style. To top this off I included a poem titled My Resolution. Enjoy

Yet Again


deja vu streams

wait beneath calm cortex

erupt at unpredicted times


then past

events burst forth

yesterday's holograms

penumbra of reality



standing entranced

frozen in time and space

heartbeat the only movement now—

breathe in.

now past

as chill dissolves

piloerection fades

a shiver, a shake, then a laugh

it's gone

Deja vu

What are the rules

that spark déja vu

so memories leave the past

and come back anew?

Can we catch

the chilling of skin,

put it in perspective,

hold its essence within?

Trigger finger of the mind

pulls against current event

and shoots forth a memory

we thought was spent.

My Resolution

Hail New Year Day,

hail resolution,

by month end

they'll reach dissolution.

But don't cry,

steel your constitution,

don't add moisture

and confusion.

Let's form a pact,

act in collusion,

be stagnant--

obtainable resolution

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