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  • D. Ellsworth


All forms of art have their own palette. Writing has a varied palette of sounds, colors and sentiment. Today I have chosen some poems that use words of color description. Some of these words come with their own freight of connotation. I find it fun to attempt to use this varied set of words to spice up my writing. I hope you will enjoy the shadings.

Black and White Yield Gray

How I long

for the days of youth,

when lies were lies

and truth was truth.

Then white was white

and black was black,

so of conviction

there was no lack.

Then I found such things

were pure illusion,

governmental lies

fraught with disillusion.

Most things are now gray

and make me blue—

resolve dissipates

like morning dew.

But I do not fret,

don't pine away,

for there's comfort

in a misty day.

I faintly smile

at innocent youth

for I've found

belief defines truth.

Thus although not right

I'm never wrong,

I just added a verse

to an ongoing song.


Purple skies soar over

lavender waving seas

while cherry-colored palms

waft in iridescent breeze.

Orange mountain majesty

rise over sapphire plain

rippling in the zephyrs

with scrumptious daro grain.

Metal-flake flamingos

fish in the salt shallows

for tasty dessert fish,

minnows de marsh-mallows.

The flowers are jewel-like,

in hue and in luster,

like hyperbolic words

in bombastic cluster.

Watch the horned rombelroos

rompelling in the hills

dining on snortnose flowers

and dappled daffodils.

Over by riverstream

is the brump-nosed snor-r-rt

chomping on the rootballs

of beefy cattail-wort.

Brindle bugaboos

would gambol on the green

but all they can find here

is stippled aquamarine.

Speckle-breasted guefues

do aerobatic things;

glitter in the sun on

fluttering tinsel wings.

In the glade's a fountain

fed by ambrosia stream

that tinkles with laughter

redolent of a dream.

All movement is lyric

a graceful, flowing dance,

behold, this special world

an etude to romance.

A color bouquet of poems


The day is ending,

wine on the lanai.

rosé is the color theme

as daylight hours die.


My heart is blue,

I think of you,

our love is through—

once one now two.


The sky is grey

with muted light;

day has become

penumbra of night.


A green bench sits

within the park

encouraging the sprouting

of love's first spark.


A dull brown bird, the meadowlark

but wondrous his song

melodious, and full-throated

rings on summer evenings long.


Rhyme a rainbow

in varied tint and hue

make it short and simple

to last all life through.

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