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Grandkids and Productivity

Some things are fun, but very distracting. Children are this way, charming, demanding, mischievous. Fun and also destructive of schedules. They are visiting and I have had a wonderful time. It has been more than a month and I am now stealing time to post.

My poodles have enjoyed the time also. Anything that increases attention and petting is great for them. It does become noisy and crowded at times. All in all a wonderful, confused, busy time. Productivity will start again soon.

I have chosen a few poems and am not going to work at finding a theme or cover story. Just a few things you might enjoy.


Make Way

Waiting to buy the tickets,

looking to make the time,

vacillating twixt joy and cost,

that's the tale of this rhyme.

People who are Libras

recognize the feeling well

for every single decision

is a trip through mugwump hell.

But I finally got the message

etched on pathways of my brain.

Make commitment while you lust

or repeat verse and refrain.

Now if I find something

that I really wish to do

best stand out of the way

or I may run over you.


When memory dredges up

halcyon days of yore,

place them in the silver box

'Tweren't, Shan't Be Evermore

Perfection comes in moments

and seldom lasts for days,

but interspersed events

frequent vanish in the haze.

Memory is a fickle thing,

oft times in soft focus

and mundane or flat

disappear in hocus-pocus.

But on early crisp fall morn

with saffron slanted light

it's hard to stop the reverie

of halcyon delight.

Where Is Love

The water hole of love

is near the fountain of youth

they live in the mind—

have naught to do with truth.

You have to be ready

to give and receive

for the secret of both

is to accept and believe.

When you once find them

treat with care and respect

for they wither and die

in the presence of neglect.

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