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  • D. Ellsworth

On Supposed Wisdom

Wisdom is sometimes nothing more than common observation seen through a different lens. I have found that writing poetry tends to make me think more deeply about the world about me. Common things become object lessons and simple trains of thought become almost sacred feelings.

I recommend poetry for contentment. It is a pleasure to write and a wonder to read. It is as varied as any prose could ever be. It always delivers the philosophy of the author and seems unable to hide his truths.

I have chosen these poems for their variety and for evidence of my proposition. I hope people enjoy them.

Fair Trade


straight trade

quid pro quo

seems right and fair

is that possible

and would we even dare

for each wants the better deal

so the idea seems surreal

thus we contemplate the bottom line

and each time we win declare it divine.

Humor Me

Oh, silliness, we sing thy praise,

you brighten up our gloomy days

you make us giggle, laugh and snort

and sharpen our mind for quick retort

as bright as sunshine rays.

So let us our glasses raise,

a toast to levity's golden haze

and let our very thoughts cavort—

Oh, silliness.

Troubadours tune their lays

in many and varied ways

but the best, I report

are the light-hearted sort

that are hilarious forays—

Oh, silliness.

Evening Dreams

The hushed, slant light of twilight falls

and shadows lengthen to the east;

nature paints crimson city walls—

halcyon soft focus eye feast.

In silence each human recalls

warm, misty memories thus released.

I thank whatever gods there be

for milieu fit for reverie.

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