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  • D. Ellsworth

Mental Miscellany

When the muse delivers random the best that can be done is to construct a mental pachinko machine. If we try to make things fit into a formulated plan it all slides sideways.

Many of my posts come from a file called Random Lines Of Verse. Which is exactly what it seems. Poems that are currently orphaned for whatever reason, phrases that sound cool, occasionally even just a word that seems particularly neat.

So again I serve up miscellany from my mind. Hope you like it.


He mounts up on wings,

tries to kiss the moon,

ripples through the sky,

a lyric jazz tune.

He drifts on solo,

the updraft of song,

and scuttles on high

as rifts move along.

He glides upon notes,


daring the high pitch

hedging his chances.

He's a daredevil

who plays in a band

his greatest reward,

the clapping of hands.


When life becomes hectic,

from pillar to post,

please take a moment to

nourish your ghost.

The greatest achievement

of life's role

is to nurture the seed

that is your soul.


Some say strength is an oak tree

with sturdy hardwood core;

I think more a bamboo stalk

that bends forever more.

The oak with rigid structure

will break 'neath heavy stress,

bamboo simply bends it knee,

bears up 'neath distress.

Continue to be bamboo

as events ebb or roll,

for the greatest attribute

is a resilient soul

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