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  • D. Ellsworth

New Year's Wishes

There is something refreshing and entertaining in striving to view things in a way that is divergent from the norm. This difference can be a word that is infrequently used, a catchy phrase, or an askance glance from an oblique angle.

I remember the silhouettes of common household items from different views. They were a tease, a challenge, even a taunt. They were also a reminder that the commonplace becomes intriguing and revitalized by observing from another point of view. These puzzles have unfortunately gone out of vogue. Finding them in varying publications always delighted me.

I try to obtain some of the same wonderful newness and surprise in my writing. I hope that these simple verses will spark more multifaceted reflections in my readers. At the least they are intended to give a momentary glance of tangential.

So here is to tangential; may it always brighten the edges of all mundane and work-a-day thoughts and writing. It is the aperitif that excites the mind for the feast of consideration.

May your 2019 be crowded with bursts of childlike wonder. Keep your imagination sharp, your wit honed, your attitude joyous. Happy New Year

Poems to ponder, but not too deeply:

Calculated Risk

I took a calculated risk,

but I am bad at math;

that economic planner

took me down the garden path.

I took a calculated risk,

a radio by the bath,

now my hair's on end

man, I'm bad at math.

I took a calculated risk

trod the less used path

now I'm lost in the jungle

damn, I'm bad at math.

Put merchandise in my pants,

a calculated risk,

but my math was flawed.

Store detectives do frisk.

A calculated risk

ups the chances to be wrong

the math is always bad

then you sing a blues song.



Paddy Prideful

perched pompous on his porch

proclaimed personal perfection—


Cure Confusion

Tangential defeats dementia,

least 'twould seem to;

here's the explanation

how that conclusion grew.

First, tangential demands

knowledge of what's germane

and care with timing

to derail logic train.

There needs to be a touch

about how far to leap

so the audience groans

or uses words prone to bleep.

Here is the breeding ground

of the pun and the snark.

Where wit sharpened barbs

are fletched and loosed at their mark.

So goodbye to confusion

that springs from disuse;

hurrah to our hero

whose language gives abuse.

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