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  • D. Ellsworth

Too Old For Excuses

I always feel that I should pass on some words of wisdom in my blog. Unfortunately with age comes gray hair, baldness, stiff joints, but no guarantee of wisdom.

However, I have become opinionated and am willing to share my views with the world. This process of writing for a blog has shown me that I like poetry, but have few axes to grind so I write what I please and hope someone enjoys it. So here are three poems not related in any way except that they were what I wanted to write.

Poetry? Not For Me

Use a dollop of hubris in your poetry;

mix in some angst for authenticity;

flavor well with rancor to excoriate the soul;

top it off with melancholy to make tears roll.

A symphony of emotions from the dark side

to take one on a herky-jerky emotional ride.

Then add a bombast of superfluous words

classify it as slam—and then sell it to nerds.

Circle of Karma

If you are lowborn

or if you are noible

you are not immune

to having a foible.

For fate never gives

anybody a pass.

For each pat on the head

there's a kick in the ass.




chain of

deja vu

links forged one by one

in effort to relive the past

to say the right things to perform the proper actions

seeking a wormhole to trick time

carrying vain hope

a shackle




kill the

sad memories

for naught can change the past

shake the head, dispel the vision—

live now

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