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  • D. Ellsworth

Search For Security

A common thread runs through all of human experience. We seek to find meaning and place ourselves in the larger scheme of things. We want a philosophical home, a warm nest to snuggle into.

As I have matured (some will dispute that I did) I've found that the certainty of uncertainty is somewhat comforting. I no longer have to seek for the perfect place. I seem to be contented to live my life as it occurs and savor the small pleasures it brings.

Here are a few thoughts about this process.

Seeking Permanence

The search is unending,

a quest to find our place,

as the planet itself

spirals off into space.

The universe reminds us

that everything is change

and the best we can expect

is a constant rearrange.

Temporal and spatial

conspire to insist

to show that here and now

is all that can exist.

Take succor in today

and the comforts therein

feeling at home right now

is the best place to begin.

Minor Bliss

The harvest moon

played clair de lune

on silver bells of yore.

The sandman slid

his hoary head

around my bedroom door.

In the dark of night

thought faded to white

until there was no more.

Soon morning skies

light o'er my eyes

in rivulets does pour.

I stretch and yawn

just past the dawn

then linger a bit more.

Retirement bliss,

I must confess,

to sleep 'til sleep is o'er.


I'd like to save youthful looks

but I am too late;

it seems that option is

no longer on my plate.

I don't bemoan the actions

that brought wrinkle and sag

for now I have escapades

on which I can brag.

And if I started early

to hang onto youth

I would've had less fun

and would still be old—forsooth.

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