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  • D. Ellsworth

My Opinions About Poetry

Poetry is the optimum example of art imitating nature. It explores beauty, diversity, incongruity, and conundrum. It delves into the human mind and tries to excavate the boundaries of the very soul.

It uses nature and life as opposing metaphors in an attempt to explain the unknowable. Even when it is earthy and plain it is esoteric and lyrical. Poetry binds us in a spiritual thrall that awes the senses.

Good poetry is the condensation, the essence, the nectar of writing. It is the liquor that is left after thought is distilled to basic truth. Forceful, emotion-filled words that cut past the mind to nestle in the central core of humanity.

Forms can give consistency, but it is the words that do the work. When they fall off the tongue and cast a spell, it is poetry. Let poetry live.


Scarlet, amber, russet

rustles in the trees,

as Mother Nature starts

a glorious striptease.

Then naked she lays

on her earthy bed

and waits winter's caress

'neath his soft white spread.

On arising in springtime

she's gravid with need

and in profusion

puts forth pollen and seed.

Throughout summer

she has her gestation

'fore bringing forth fruit

to feed each nation.

Nature's Air

How sweet the air,

how warm the breeze

that moves the hair

in ways that please.

How warm the breeze

that susurrates

in ways that please

and peace creates

That susurrates

like winds in pine

and peace creates,

feeling divine.

Like winds in pine

so fragrant, fair—

feeling divine—

how sweet the air

Noun Or Verb


dual purpose word,

the portent is in the context

English, the language that obscures the meaning

the dictionary grows by bounds

definitions layer,

the net take out—


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