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  • D. Ellsworth


The Muse will often tap me on the shoulder and declare - "Say something about this idiot idea." And of course having little self-control I usually comply.

Being a wiseass means pointing out things that don't make sense or seem non sequitur and poking at them. Deflating pompous and pretentious ideas comes with the territory.

Also we laugh lest we cry. So chuckle at the presentation, although the situation isn't funny.

Climate Change

Open the envelope

called atmosphere,

put on asbestos

so you don't sear.

Don't get concerned

as the seas boil,

just jump in the car

burn up some oil.

Dance as the fires

around you roar,

the pagan's not dead,

he just moved next door.

Turn on the A.C.

and center on yourself,

future will be what it will

leave plans on the shelf.

Blow-Back Is A Bitch

Common wisdom says,

"Don't spit it the wind."

Which means don't fight the system

if you know the end.

However, society

and science show

advancement means

ignoring those in the know.

So we must piss and spit

into the wind

just gear up to protect

from blow-back my friend.


Baling wire, duct tape,

chewing gum;

fix-up what's broken

while still being dumb.

Like filling a rat hole

up with sand,

things may not go

exactly as planned.

Let's have a saying

fit for today

"Repairs are too costly,

just throw it away."

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