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  • D. Ellsworth

Discoveries Of Things Not Lost

Not too long ago I stumbled on something that I had been doing subconsciously for a while. My first two poems here display the idea. They are a set looking at the same basic idea from two divergent points of view. I look at them as mirror poems, they are the same, but different. As such they tend to play off each other, or so I tell myself.

The other thing I remembered is that poems don't have to portray deep philosophical meaning or really anything. They can be fun without any particular message. My second poem falls into this category. It is mainly meant to tickle the synapses of the brain.

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most powerful. Small discoveries like this can drive my imagination with gusto. Poets see these things after much disuse and revel like children in a remembered joy. Join me in joy.

The Game Goes On

100 by 5's

Find us,

we are waiting,

we're playing hide and seek.

Are we underneath the stairwell?

Are we standing quiet behind the drapes?

Are we in the hallway closet?

We're playing hide and seek,

we are waiting,

find us.

Politic Hide and Seek

Find us

we are hidden

obfuscated, denied

buried in the legal fine print

politic spin has issued death warrant

unearth truth from the cover up.

Obfuscated, denied—

we are hidden

find us.


Silly Sue

she susurrates ceaselessly

spinning satiny stories.

Sometimes she

sounds sibilant and snakelike

slippery, slithery words.


steps oftentimes succeed.

Suzy should seek speech support.

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