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Poems To Think About

The worst part of putting out a post is writing something about the poems I have chosen. This is true because poetry speaks for itself. Sometimes dissecting a poem can almost ruin it. Done well a poem is almost mystical. In school I hated looking for hidden meanings in poems because I feel that each poem may mean differing things to different people, and that is fine.

So these poems I give to you undiluted with comments on their content. I hope you find something you like in them.

In A Blue Moon

The sky is blue,

the moon is too.

what should I do?

Pen a rhyme or two.

Window is open,

sash is thrown wide.

inviting us

in dreams to glide.

Catch the breeze to

close or far seas,

just let muse lead

where e'er she please.

The Final Verses

Scary fairy tales,

dysfunctional Mother Goose;

the world is dying,

we are fashioning the noose.

Post reading this verse,

let us dance to rhythmic poem

in memoriam

of fiddles. Nero, and Rome.

Out For A Lark

The larks

are singing in

the bright, blue morning sky.

raw, bawdy songs

'bout Lorelei

But the

songs turn somber

and lyrics become sinister

hope vanishes when the

Lorelei lark—

men die.

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