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  • D. Ellsworth

Enchanting Fun

One of my favorite poetry things is pushing past the limits of reality. This can be mythic or folklore themes or even just metaphoric clichés. I like the freedom of open boundaries. The colors and expressions always seem sharper and clearer. Even if talking of darkness or mist. So here are three poems that make me happy in that way.

Mystic Passage

I want to walk with fairies

in dappled moonlight;

to ride upon a firefly

into a starlit summer night.

To watch the water nymphs

across the ripples skip;

to hear an elfin song

slide 'cross a pure white lip.

Oh, to listen to Pan

as he crescendos on his pipe,

to know if his music

is worth half the hype.

To see myth and legend

hand in hand upon the beach

is a wondrous dream

most writer's long to reach.

So tell me, when the world

is rife with unicorn musk,

into this golden land,

is there a passage at dusk?

A Knight to Remember

Guinevere was a queen

regal, beauteous, fair.

No breeze of impropriety

ever mussed her hair.

Then Lancelot of France,

came and he found her

and when she least expected

the knight had closed around her.

She surely never knew,

on that misty spring morn,

with that warm embrace

a legend would be born.

Be Assured

A lot of rain,

it's too wet to plow.

The fox is in the hen house

just 'bout now

The wolf is at the door

with a greedy grin.

The wife is mad

just like a wet hen.

Never know what

the day will bring.

Sure as Hell

it's always something.

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