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  • D. Ellsworth

Emphasis on Succinct

Sometimes a short poem says everything needed about a subject. It is important to listen to the instincts and rhythm to know it is time to stop. This is the task that becomes the labor of poetry. To know when is enough and what is too little.

For this post I have chosen some short poems to share. I hope they are kernels for pondering. Enjoy.


Am I jaded?

you bet your bippy!

I'm also pissed

and a little lippy.


Polaris points north

handle of the drinking gourd

promise unfulfilled


tiny patting feet

giggles and words not quite formed

dawn of tomorrow

Simple Observation

A bright day in Seattle

is like a fairy tale,

you're not sure you believe it

but find it awful swell.

Light Ballet

night fall

street light bright glow

light islands on pavement

flutter of dusty wings close in


bounce off the exposed lamp lenses

true Brownian movement

like random thoughts

in dreams

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