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  • D. Ellsworth

Building From A Framework

I used to be rather free and unrestrained in my poetry and some results were rather sloppy. Now I am growing into using forms. Frequently matching the content with the form is a bit tricky, but the results can be very pleasing. So now I use this framework idea and the question becomes which comes first, the form or the substance and how do I match them.

I have been exploring interesting poetry forms. Some are fun and some are hard work and push the imagination to meet the rules of the form.

Here are two opposing forms. The first is fun and easy and will probably see a fair amount of use. The second is quite challenging. The rules of the second call for each line to start with the next letter in the alphabet. This is a challenge of vocabulary and of containing a thought stream while doing this. I think I did okay on the second poem, but doubt I will use the form often.

Rusty At Eleven

The old dog does not chase the toy

he curls up in his own small bed

his cataract eyes have dim sight

he guides his movement with the walls

and walks with slow and careful step.

His owner no longer a boy

now softly caresses his head

walks him slowly in warm sunlight

carries him when his energy fails

with a secure yet gentle grip.

At his name, dog eyes fill with joy

though only a comfortable thread

not dancing with youth so bright—

and sometimes it takes several calls—

his hearing has taken a dip.

Love ages with darkness and light,

content raises—excitement falls,

patience waxes and fervor slips.

Peace in Letters

Ambling in the shadows

beneath the mighty trees;

comfort in the coolness

drowsy with buzz of bees.

Easy springtime afternoon—

forest, or brooks, or leas

grants commune with nature

holds harmonies to please.

Iridescent ripples

jig gaily on the brook

kiss imagination

like similes in a book.

Memories are made of

nebulous finger crook.

Oh, the wondrous visions,

please just come and look.

Quietude all around

reverie is born

sussurating secrets

tempting fables morn.

Usurp romance's charm

view snow white unicorn

while away the hours

x out all thoughts forlorn.

Youth is state of mind

Zen will guide you to find.

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