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  • D. Ellsworth

Layout Helps The Poem

I have been less into thematic poems recently so today I will just post a couple that don't relate to each other. Part of the fun of poetry is the arranging on the page. It gives the work character and causes some pauses in the reading. In the following poems I purposefully chose layout that seemed to me to reflect something in the poem.

As a writer, I will not tell you what I intended by the particular format. It may be obvious and it may mean something to you that it doesn't to me and that is fine. Enjoy.

Ode to the Sax

The trumpet is arresting with its clarion call

and the trombone has glisses for smooth rise and fall.

The French horn is mellow with a hunter's wind

while baritone's low register calms the weary mind.

Tuba has a oom-pa low enough to touch earth,

oboe and English horn are exotic from birth.

Of all the horns that musician have ever blown

my vote as coolest is the outcast Saxophone.

A metal clad bastard, child of woodwind and brass

is certainly the horn with the optimum class.

'Ts smooth and mellow playing tunes of classic ilk,

but put into jazz or rock it ain't mother's milk.

Angels when feeling blue round the heavenly throne

Wish that they could play it out on a saxophone.

Relative Time

We start our life with years and years to spend

sand flows through hourglass slow in youth

the level inches down, wide our scope

as scope narrows change speeds up

soon we race forth headlong

months at double time

days at gallop

minutes run

then we're


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