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  • D. Ellsworth

Rumors Of My Death Are Premature

Having one of those busy, interrupt yourself periods in life. Been thinking about the blog for a while and trying for something exciting. After many creativity blocks I decided to go with some older nonsense.

I love silly poems and twisty or twisted endings. So here are a few pieces of weirdness to whit your tangential.

Astral Argument

Katrinka led séances

believed in the astral plane.

She talked to a stubborn man

all arguments in vain.

He said, "You're long on theory,

but sore lacking in fact,

and you're talking to the dead

is really just an act."

So she took her crystal ball

and hit him on the head.

Tried to knock sense in him,

but only struck him dead.

Instead of posing arguments

had he waved a white flag

he'd avoid the astral plane

which is lonely and a drag.

Mermaid Molly

On the saltwater shores of the Salish Sea

once lived a mermaid named Molly McGee.

If inquisitive, you'd ask like me

"How did you wander from fair Dundee?"

"I got in tight with a gypsy Jinn

who magically moved me with kith and kin.

Thought never to see Scottish coast again.

No blustery North Sea.", she gave a grin

Wouldn't you know it the Fates took a hand

Said, "Molly, this isn't at all what we planned."

Then she found herself off the Gael headland

Heard floating tunes of a bagpipe band.

Which proves that Fates aren't fickle things—

they'll have what they want, you'll take what that brings.

You must abide their arrows and slings—

that goes for princes, mermaids, and kings.

Fruit of The Family Tree

It's coded in our DNA,

yes, deep within the genes;

sort of a birth defect,

with all that word means.

Mental illness runs in the family

no ifs, ands or buts.

The family tree must be hickory,

it sure is full of nuts.

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