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Lockdown Musings

As the social distancing and lockdown continue I get to be more and more introspective. Thus these two poems written during the isolation tend to center a bit more on me.

Please forgive my internal musings and a slight slide into ego-centrism.

Memories lap on cortex

some are a refreshing lave,

some a suffocating wave.

I roam in the matrix.

I see a few achievements

midst the shipwrecks of my dreams.

I choose to recall what seems

to give contentment.

My mind skims o'er the surface

and I seldom plumb the deep

for there the memories sleep

I would fain erase.

Where there is pain and sorrow,

where there is remorse and grief

memory lapse gives relief—

plan for the morrow.

Thus is my philosophy

while sailing on memory,

"The past is done, let it be—

oil the troubled sea."

My poems,


sans cloying sentiment.

Just simple statements of my truth—

my poems.

My poems

are straight forward,

no need to second guess.

There is naught between the lines of—

my poems.

My poems

succinct statements

words chosen carefully

nonsense, lore, or just descriptive—

my poems.

My poems

strive for one thing

pictorial plainness.

Stark, colorful and free of schmultz—

my poems.

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