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Time To Catch Up

I have been lazy in posting lately. It seems time gets lost in the flurry of inactivity.

This time I'm going to post a few short poems. The forms and brevity make for a special crispness. I hope you enjoy them.

I wish all health and comfort in this time of distress.


A bright day in Seattle

is like a fairy tale,

you're not sure you believe it

but find it awful swell.

Any Time Is Show Time

The sky

puts on a show

it's only for my eye

fluffy folk and monsters pass by

a parade of wispy white 'gainst the blue

some bring a giggle some a sigh,

but I will share with you

tickets are free—



a frog awaits upon a lotus pad

dragon fly and heron near—

nature's game of dice

Imayo I.

rushes edge the lotus pond—rattle fills the breeze

croakers sit on green platters—cricket symphonies

moon offers a spotlight—bright and yet serene

poisonous squat toadstool rings—make a surreal scene


The long, long line of memory

is a thin, fragile thread

that resides in recesses of the mind

and floats untethered—free

therefore in the end we get what

we find.

The Feel Of Silence

Silence is a flannel sheet

that drapes close and warm

a special type of cocoon.

And when conflict it does meet

quells the angry storm

without magic of a rune.




fill the air,

wrap me o'er with peace,

from a hectic world grant brief surcease.

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