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Yuletide 2019

Christmas is a personal celebration. Sometimes things that other people don't even think about are special to the individual They bring a smile of nostalgia and a tug at the heart. Note below: for me Nostalgia Has A Hue.

It is interesting that patriarchy has overshadowed the winter solstice celebration. The long history of the mother goddess has crumbled under the attack. My second poem talks of some early beliefs. Note: females may be the reason for reindeer at this season. I suggest a scan of the web for Reindeer Goddess.

Happy solstice and related holidays to all.

Nostalgia Has A Hue

It's Phoenix and it's Christmas time

as I can plainly see

for brightly colored season's balls

now adorn my orange tree.

I know there will be a sweet start

to the upcoming year

although a recent memory

this harbinger is dear.

I think of early holidays,

of hanging up my sock

and oranges were a special treat

which really makes this rock.

Season's greetings to every one

where ever they may be

I hope you find something special

around your Christmas tree.


Seasonal Females



think on

Deer Mother,

sacred north land doe.

Reindeer females don't lose antlers—

they carry the sun in their horns through the dark winter.

In ancient times a great goddess

carrying live-giving light

through the dark




Blest night

is Mother's Eve

that precedes Christmas day.

So it was called in olden times.


new beginning,

promise of hope to come

female is the tale of Christmas.


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