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The Author

D. Ellsworth Hoag


D. Ellsworth , wiseass and seer

 Purveyor  of inconsistency’s mirror.

Grown chubby, grown old, but never grown up

He’s  an elder version of a punny pup.


His poetry wanders from silly to sincere

And in any collection oft changes gear.

He’s sometimes straight, but look for the hook,

You’ll find it frequently in each book.


Born in Michigan one October long ago he has developed the tart, sweet crispness of a MacIntosh apple. Growing up in that state he was tempered by the hot summers and the cold winters.


Through many years and expericnces his  steel  mind was warped into the profile of a contorted filbert. Frequently even he doesn't know where his wandering words will take him.


Come journey with a gypsy soul who likes to write about all manner of things. Welcome to the world of D. Ellsworth Poet.

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