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Yuletime Yammerings

Ireverant Poems Of The Season

Witty observations on this holiday.


Christmas Cheer


Hooray for Christmas

Let's raise a cheer

And sing hosannas

That it's only once a year.


Life's Little Handbook


A collection of poem perporting to be wise advie on living.





Money’s the root of all evil

Or so goes the common belief

And thus we have charities

To give us moral relief.


They’ll take the filthy lucre

And put it to good use

At the same time lining their pockets

Or so I deduce.


Wild Words Book 1 & 2


IWild Words helps you Beat Writers’ Block! Having trouble thinking of what to write? Sometimes a writer, like an old car, needs a kick-start! We are The Writers’ Kickstart Group! To practice creating new ideas, we write from “prompts.” A prompt is a word or phrase that gives a writer something to think about, to stimulate ideas for creative writing. Anyone can suggest a prompt, and usually three prompts are selected at each meeting. Members can use any or all of the prompts to write a story, article, or poem for the next meeting. Wild Words provides examples of 100 prompts, and the wildly differing stories, articles and poems created from them. As practice, you could select any of these prompts and write your own stories from them. Try writing something from one of the prompts each week. Soon, you’ll be developing your own prompts, and your own stories. Writing Instructors may also find this book useful as an aid for their students in creating new ideas.


I was a contributer to this book but all funds go to the writer's group whose compilation it is.


Haiku, Simple Observations
Japanese poetic style. Verses with modern context.  Simple and elegant.

leaves float in a stream

geese honk from a flying vee

air turns cool and sharp


Life Sucks

A group of poems about the tribulations of life that make life suck.



Labels are wondrous things,

they put you in a box

then throw away the keys

so you can’t ope’ the locks


And supply others with

tons and tons of rocks

that they can lob at you

to knock you out your socks.


There's No Ducking It
The first collection was so much fun I had to do it again.

Social Commentary


I’m just going to be contrary,

provide some social commentary,

spice it with sarcastic wit.

see if anyone gives a shit.


Just a few terse ditties

applying to the nitty gritty’s.

If you don’t like how it goes

I may be tromping on your toes.

Pondering The Blues

Consideration of the music and the term.

Good News / Bad News


Well, you think you’ve hit rock bottom

but don’t you get the blues,

though moths live in your wallet

and there’s holes in both your shoes.


This is just a little lesson,

a small chance to rehearse;

good news is you’re surviving,

bad news, it will get worse.

Old Timers' Odes

Wiseass Observations On Reaching The Golden Age


Time Warp


Yesterday’s summers seemed to prolong,

like the haunting refrain of a wondrous song,

while warming breezes caressed fertile earth

 we were lost in dreams and youthful mirth.


Now father time is doing us wrong

he keeps upping the tempo of the song;

as time collapses he’s having fun,

reminding us we’ll soon have none.

Gifts From Oonagh

Wiseass Comments To The Nature Goddess

Big Blue


The blue whale is big,

as big as all hell,

a wondrous animal,

Ma Nature's saga tale


This creature lives

entirely on krill

which he siphons

from ocean swill.


The male has a voice

that carries for miles,

the only thing known

to make she blues smile.



Somewhere in the mind

beyond reality's reach

is a special land with

warm coral sand beach.


The air smells of blossoms;

is soft as a mother's kiss,

and the ambience is calm

sometimes redolent of bliss.


There lives the dreams

of things that never were

and things which cannot be

because they are so pure.

This poetry medley

from imagination's river

explains the appellation—

of the place name, Never.



This poetry medley

from imagination's river

explains the appellation—

of the place name, Never.

Pease read them to

small ones sitting on the lap;

give a gift of fantasy

to lull them to a nap.


When they are ready

have them read a line or two

to share their favorites

as a special gift to you.


I've tried to make them pleasing

to the mind and ear

in hopes they'll create memories

with those you hold dear.

Hotland Hiaku front.png

Hotland Haiku



miracle of rain

desert morphs to Persian rug

in rich rainbow hues

The Grind


The hardest thing to master

in this world of care,

the thing that sits upon the chest

depriving us of air.


Not the running of anxiety,

not the jack boot of despair,

but the constant shuffling feet

that eternally are there.

The minutia of mundane

the stealers of time

the tasks that continue

like recurring rhyme.

People You Might Know Front Cover.png

Fashion Plate


I really dress quite natty,

for I am fashion’s mirror,

and although I may be shallow

I’ve a wonderful veneer.


“Look at me!” I fairly cry

as I walk down the street.

My clothes are pressed, my shoes are

shined, my hair coiffured and neat.

Each item fits together,

a hand in glove affair,

on nineteenth century promenade,

just out to take the air.

A Poem


Some see a poem as intricate

with language highly purple

and kinda thick and cloying

just like mapely syrple.


But me, I see it different,

my language skills are blunted

so my rhymes are jerky

and the sentiment is stunted.


But I tell it as I see it

without flare or decoration

and try to make an art form

out of simple declaration.

Animal Poems For The Young At Heart fron



There is a kangaroo

with joey in her pouch

you would think his strong kick

would give her a big ouch.


Bounding through the outback

on strong legs and big feet;

balancing with her tail—

trying to look discrete.


With small forelegs and paws,

she seems a funny mix—

a cross between rabbit

and a short-armed T-Rex.


In a charmed circle of magic

the witch laid out her talisman,

bowed low to smoldering incense,

with magic words a chant began.


Called out to Baal and Beelzebub

to prepare for their special night;

round up the baddest of the bad

to deliver the utmost fright.


With dark, solemn incantations

they her message do receive

and swear an oath by fires of Hell

delivery on All Hallows' Eve.



We hold

a duologue,

only desert and I,

in hushed voices we talk of life—

of sun.

Of sun

and severe heat,

of short water supply,

with parched tones and o’er heated breath—

we talk.

We talk,

you may listen,

and mayhaps understand,

desert is just indifferent—

not foe.




Humor Me


Oh, silliness, we sing thy praise,

you brighten up our gloomy days

you make us giggle, laugh and snort

sharpen our mind for quick retort

as bright as sunshine’s streaming rays.


So let us raise our glasses high,

a toast to levity's gold haze

and let all of our thoughts cavort—

Oh, silliness.


Troubadours tune their simple lays

in bounteous and varied ways

but absolute best, I report

are the gay and light-hearted sort

that are hilarious forays—

Oh, silliness


There is

a Never tree

grows in a magic land

tended by the mind, not the hand—

bears lore.

Bears lore

from all cultures

within its ample crown

and for its gift of wisdom is



for mental bees

that pollinate its flowers

and gardeners who cull the fruit

long hours.

Long hours

of pleasant dreams

that yield ripe and

delicious fruit of fantasy


We're off on safari trek

so lace up your hiking boots.

and put on sturdy khakis,

we'll explore the writers' mind.


Put on a tan pith helmet,

we're off on safari trek

to explore nooks and crannies

of their cranial terrain.


When we ponder on their thoughts

we may find some wild beasties.

We're off on safari trek,

but we're not sure what we'll find.


Out we go aventuring,

will it be out past the norm?

Now step out to the trailhead

we're off on safari trek.




the reading,

I pray thee heed a word,

for this is the foremost concern,

the words.

The words

are the reason,

message secondary.

Once the words are understood

‘tis clear.

‘Tis clear

what’s the message,

definitions are included—

for they’re the keys to the cipher,

take heed.

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