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I have a love for life and all of its strange issues and rites. I show this with the ribbing that I developed as a youth with many siblings.  Put on your snark hat and enjoy. Books to add joy to life.

My Writing


I've put my tiny barge

on literature's vast sea;

it is a tiny boat

so not many will see.


But, since fame and fortune

are not my goal

I'll be content if any

view the ramblings of my soul.


So if you chance upon this

and find it quaint or nice

I'll view it as a victory

and gladly pay the price.

Now available on

An homage to the sky written in verse. Beautiful poetry about the earth's lid.

Front cover Safari Into a Writer's Mind.png

Coming Soon

An assemblage of poems about the process of writing. What the process entails and the travails.


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