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Christmas Kraziness

I like to explore the less known areas of history in all aspects. This being the season I have looked into some of the weird things at the beginning of this season's traditions. This I hope will be entertaining if not in any way important. Frivolity and happy holidays to all.

Time of

winter solstice

when darkness starts to wane

a promise of renewed life.

Spring’s hope will come again—

winter solstice,



sacred promise

revival from cold death.

The days slowly defeat the dark—

magic, death has no sting,

Winter solstice—



of religion,

hope for eternity,

from early pagan times to now.

A promise we won’t die.

Winter Solstice—


Down beneath the pine trees

growing in the sod

white spotted red mushrooms

a gift from a god.

Mind altering mushrooms

hung in pines to dry

trimmings of yule solstice

in the days gone by.

Shamans dressed in scarlet

worked in winter snow,

delivered sacred gifts

to plain folk below.

In the snowy north lands

entrance through the roof

with bag of dried mushrooms

yule tide cheer, forsooth.

With such fine tradition

song and dance employ

they were wondrous gifts

bound to give folk joy.

And yes, it was awesome

in days of dismay

to get such miracles

to help one to May.

Reindeer spirit guides on

whom Shaman rely—

they partake of mushrooms

reindeer truly fly.

When you tell of Santa

please to give some pause

little ones needn’t know

the real Santa Claus.



Ancient Romans

held as ward ‘gainst lightning

both decorative and protective.



was deemed sacred

to Saturn, harvest god

used in his winter solstice rites.



wards off witchcraft

Druids gave it blessings

and used it as hair ornaments.



Christians adopt

sharp leafs are thorn crown

red berries are the blood of Christ.



still keeps its place

at the winter solstice

as cultures evolve their dogma,


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