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Titles Annoy Me

You might think that a writer would be at ease with titles. Well, mostly I am, but that is in my writing. On this blog I try to be conversational. Frequently this means that I may skip about a bit. Miscellany just doesn't quite make catchy.

I will try to input a poem most times. After all that is what I do. Summer did start and as promised it brought temps in the 110 to 120 range. This makes early morning a friend and air conditioning a cherished companion.

The house just got painted and now looks sparkly and nice on the outside. The inside is still cluttered since I would rather write than do housekeeping.

Dog park is now an early morning jaunt. Linus is now bigger than Juliette. He is a 7 mo pup that weighs 63 pounds.

Not much else to prattle about so here is a poem.

One More

D. Ellsworth Hoag




update done

one more step begun

on the road to oblivion

one more computer to buy—as technology dies

sit in gloom and hang down your head

computer's now dead

joy renew

now new





in the

cyclic arc

start from beginning

just keep up— no hope of winning

obsolescence guaranteed right from the inception

round and round the circle going

hopeful but knowing

graphics and

file size



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