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And Where Do We Go Next.

I have a file on my computer named random lines of verse. It is my go to when I have an idea that does not present a immediate grouping I can develop into a book. These poems tend to lay fallow and do little but take up space. So I will share on with you now.

Buried Non-Treasure

Deep in the Solitary,

shaded by ancient pine,

lies the place of spirits

both bedeviled and divine.

Oft when by ourselves

we wander our mindscape free

is found a dark thing hidden

within the mental scree.

It isn't a caramel nugget,

but a chocolate covered rock

and our souls recoil in pain

at the horror and shock.

We shove it into the recesses

and cover it with guilt

'til after a time it is buried in

the sifting mental silt.

Let us pray for continued strength

and an ever sharp spade

to keep the things buried

which we must evade.

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