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  • D. Ellsworth

Two Considerations

Whenever I sit down to write there are two considerations which pop up. The first is subject matter which means to me idea, words and message. The second is the appearance of the poem on the page. To a poet the formatting of the words is as important as the sentiment they contain.

The first poem today shows how imaginative placement can enhance the meaning of the words. The second poem shows how a simple phrase like "cavemen with laptops" can be expanded into a full story poem. And you will note that the white space adds to the separation of thoughts. The leader of an open mic said these words when chatting to us and I adopted them. Thank you Martin Wesolowski, Arizona Steam Shop for the open mic you had and for the inspiration. Keep up the good work.

My Thoughts

My thoughts

seem to







I need them on






if you have


I'm sure

you kapeesh.

Techno Culture

We think ourselves

sophisticated, urbane,

technological advance

put us on a higher plane.

Our essence hasn't changed

as human ages roll;

we inherit the same body

are imbued with a like soul.

Food is now reaped or slaughtered

for the masses

and machines squeeze the grape

for mass produced glasses.

Electronic screens flicker,

songs float from magic cubes

while we sit in stupor

transformed to thoughtless rubes.

We watch as creativity

starts to dim and to flicker

as template and protocol

make creation sterile but quicker.

Now we search for something

hard to define;

we have fallen to the mundane

from the divine.

Food doesn't feed the psyche

when plucked from a shelf;

art becomes less full and redolent

filtered by electric elf.

In the final tallying

Mom Nature solemnly intones

"You are just conceited cavemen

with computers and cell phones."

The genie is out

and won't go back in the bottle

so we each must save ourselves

by easing on the throttle.

Our task is even harder

since we're from drudgery free

for the mandate now

put the human back in humanity.

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