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  • D. Ellsworth


I find that poetry lends itself to placing advise in pleasing context. It takes care not to be preachy, but the practice is helpful in situations elsewhere in life. I only wish my words were always as carefully chosen as they are in my rhymes. It helps to be positive. Feel free to comment. May we all have good results from our plans.


Sometimes we get ideas

that sit quietly and breed

until a dream develops

from the fertile seed.

But dreams are like pebbles

viewed in a stream,

the water makes them glisten

and sunlight makes them gleam.

But when brought out

into the naked air

they lose their luster

and seem less fair.

Then we must work,

tumble and polish

'ere they regain

the wonder we demolish.

So when in finality

the goal you reach,

those stones are a pathway

for problems you must breach.

Always make a roadway

never make a wall

for roads lead us forward

while fences make us stall.

Streambed leads to streambed

as you follow dreams

and in each one a new promise

in the sunlight gleams.


In the corners of consciousness

Just past reach of realization

Wait the seeds of fruitful thoughts

Seeking needs for germination.

There are streams of curiousness

Needed moisture to provide

The rich loam of experience

To nurture the embryo inside.

All that's needed is optimism

To bring them together

And positive disposition

To provide the proper weather.

Don't sit in sullen lassitude

And think yourself the fool

Sprout meaningful considerations

You already have each tool.


Why not discuss politics?

Here is my retort,

some people list to starboard

others list to port.

I hope this description

will help in debates

elsewise the country

is in dire straits.

For if we list too far

it could be our demise

yes, even ships of state

are known to capsize.

So tend to the ballast

keep the ship aright

'tis better to save the craft

than to win the fight.

And mind to the compass

in the pitch and roll

for a more perfect union

is the final goal.

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