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Considerations On Posting

I am trying to make my posts more frequent. Part of the problem is knowing what to post. I usually go with a few poems.

I have thought of putting up some prose, but it seems so foreign to me after years of poetry. I find that my prose ends up feeling slightly poetic.

In an effort to get past this my next post will be in prose (paragraph) format. I will not assume to think that it will not somehow still not scan as poetry.

That is next time. for the current post I chose three differing poems. Enjoy.


Life is mostly point of view,

and some points are blunted,

either by genetic happenstance

or curiosity that's stunted.

As with a pencil point,

blunter draws a wider line,

thus losing the clarity

which subtleties define.

Global reasoning leads to

stereotype, discrimination,

and a truth which resides

only in imagination.

But this only changes

with the participant's view

so presenting another side

is all we can do.

Then if the same verse

beats without cease,

simply say,


Season Portrait

Young spring morning,

mist floats gossamer in the breeze.

Light slants saffron;

shadows sprawl full length on the leas.

Birds sing gaily,

they return from wheree're they stayed.

Buds are mouse ears

delicate, but soon to grant shade.

Flora, in the wings,

waits the season's curtain rise

and breathes anticipation

into moving skies.

Crocus raise their heads

amidst scattered shards of snow

harbinger of change

they herald rebirth's coming show.

Breath in the rapture

let it permeate the soul

what recent seemed forsaken

soon will be made whole.

Needed Change


loose fit flannel

warm toddy, blazing fire

aging dog reclined at the feet

evening giving respite from daytimes rigors

sleep through all the nocturnal hours

stiffness settles slowly in bones

coffee jolt to dulled mind

start morning tasks


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