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  • D. Ellsworth

An Evolution Of The Haiku

Recently I have been exploring various poetry forms. Some of the more interesting ones were variations of the haiku. I have included a few Brazilian Rhyming Haiku.

The haiku is graceful and peaceful and rather lofty. This variant gives it bounce and in some ways even makes it more playful. I fully enjoyed the writing and hope you will find these pleasant. They are a mixed bag of thoughts as they occurred.

fine dew on the lea

bullfrog thrums from hollow log

sting from bumble bee

crocus bloom in snow

dark dirt on the forest skirt

barnyard cattle low

humming bird darts by

warm breeze rustles aspen trees

warm scat draws a fly

blazing yuletide fire

eggnog spiked with rummy grog

winter mudroom mire

cactus flowers bloom

hills aroun' wear flowered gown

springtime's anteroom

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