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Thoughts On The Pandemic.

Usually I don't touch on things quite so current or am so direct on them. As a change of pace I decided to do so. Feel free to report your thoughts on this.


Solidarity in solitude,

quarantine quietude,

resistance in repose.

Vanguard of victory o'er virus,

operative oxymoron,

postponing leads to progress.

Separation is security,

computer society

brings binary blessings.

Scientists seek for the solution.

Common folk clean surfaces.

Multitudes hide behind masks.

Chaos causes cankers of concern

false facts fester, fulminate—

simply follow the science.

Whatever the name of current plague

the rules return yet again—

avoid, quarantine, and track

What passes person to person

thrives in the bustling crowd.

Languishes in loneliness.

Go on, grieve the lost gatherings,

but please do pine in private

'til contagion is contained.

Not Comic Book Types

Real heroes dress in work-a-day,

do society's needed chores.

Daily put on their masks and gloves

and fight pandemic wars.

And most heroic of their deeds

is facing fear to do what's right.

Only sometimes it's dramatic,

oft is a tedious plight.

Simply get up every morning

and face another daunting day.

They sure up their stoicism

and mayhaps even pray.

A salute to healthcare workers,

in the vanguard of the foray,

who do battle with unseen foe—

face danger every day.

Kudos also to those heroes

who handle our trash and waste

and so many contaminants

have consistently faced.

Hail to those who work to feed us

farmer, trucker, clerk in food store

and provide sustenance to all

who endure viral war.

Also there are many others

who do the jobs that must be done.

Heroes of the common folk

who make our country run.

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